Vargas Family Roofing is providing no-contact roofing assessments and virtual estimates. Contact can be made with Vargas Family Roofing by phone, email, facebook, or through our website. During the contact stage Vargas Family Roofing will work with the homeowner to provide an assessment on their specific exterior needs.

To ensure precise estimating we will continue to use a few methods for estimation.

1. GAFe360 is a program that allows us to exact measurements of your home by taking eight pictures of your home (need access to the outside of your home). This program will also allow us to see your roof and exteriors by turning your home into a 3d model.

2. GAF quick measure is a program that takes measurements of your home using satellite.

3. Onsite physical measurements and inspection is another option used. Vargas Roofing will go to your home. Upon arrival homeowner will be contacted via phone. Worker will then set up ladder and go to roof taking pictures/videos or video call to discuss any concerns on the roof.

Once the scope of work has been arranged and measurements have been taken, the C client can choose to discuss the project via phone, video or through educational documents. Vargas Family Roofing works with a system approach to your roofing systems and will explain the contents of this system that ensure the longevity of your new roof.

Financing Options are discussed from deferral programs to monthly payments to allow our homeowners the flexibility to decide which payment methods works best for them. This process can also all be done virtually.

Shingle choice and colour will be discussed. Clients are able to see colour selection on line at wwww.gaf.ca , on our gallery page or physical colours samples can be dropped off to homeowner.

Homeowner and Vargas Roofing will decide on scheduling and payments.