Whether you need a new roof, a repair to your existing roof, or just need an estimate, Vargas Family Roofing is committed to giving your home professional, honest roofing services you can trust.


Vargas Family Roofing specializes in residential roof replacement. We have years of experience with all types of roofing systems and installation on a variety of housing styles. When we replace an existing roof, we replace the entire roofing system. Its not just putting new shingles on! We repair or replace plywood, install Deck Armour protection and install leak barriers for protection from water and ice. This gives our customers maximum value and peace-of-mind that comes with every job Vargas Family Roofing does. We are certified under the GAF roofing system using Timberline HD® Lifetime High Definition® Shingles, GAF Deck-Armor™ Premium Breathable Roof-Deck Protection, GAF WeatherWatch® XT Leak Barrier Water & Ice Shield, GAF WeatherBlocker® Premium Eave/Rake Starter Strip Shingles.


In Canada, we experience all four seasons from hot, humid summers to cold, wet winters. Most roof repairs are due to the impact inclement weather has on your home’s roof. Ice damage, curled shingles, water damage, falling tree branches, and damage caused by birds or animals are just a few of the issues that could compromise your roof’s ability to properly protect your house. However, if the issue is isolated, no need to replace your entire roof. Vargas Family Roofing will assess the problem and only do the work that is necessary. Guaranteed. Your roof covers and protects your largest asset, keeping it in good repair can save you a lot of money down the road.


Our reputation comes from satisfied clients, years of experience in the roofing industry, accurate and comprehensive roofing analysis, and the use of quality materials and craftsmanship. When we do a detailed assessment of your roof, we don’t just stand in the driveway and look at it. We get up on the roof and inspect all major aspects for damage and wear, and we use the latest in drone technology to assess those hard to see areas to make sure we don’t miss a thing. We will report to you all major issues that need to be addressed, and also tell you what is OK and doesn’t need service. We will never suggest doing something that isn’t needed. Our assessment will be honest and clear. Guaranteed.


Vargas provides installation of new roofs of all roofing styles. Homeowners trust Vargas Family Roofing to deliver on time and are committed to adding quality and value to your family home. A new roof can add more than just protection from the elements. It adds both beauty and value to your home that will last long into the future. If you have a new home you are building from the ground up, or an older home that has significant damage to its roof and needs a full reconstruction, Vargas has the skill and experience needed to construct a whole new roof.


Have a house or building that has a flat roof for all or part of it? Because water drainage and other issues are different for flat roofs versus the more common pitched roof, special materials and installation techniques are required to effectively install and maintain them. New materials have come on to the market in recent years that wear better than the older materials, but they may be more costly as well. Whether it’s the traditional hot-tar and gravel roof, or some of the newer rubber membrane materials (EPDM), Vargas Family Roofing has you covered to keep your flat roof doing its job for many years to come!


Vargas Family Roofing provides annual inspections to make sure your roof is performing as planned. Through intensive inspection and preventative maintenance, we strive to make your roof last as long as it can, making sure the benefits of a properly installed roof are protecting what is most important to you. We use both physical inspection and our premium drone technology to inspect all areas and aspects of your roof to make sure nothing goes undetected!